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Fortnite Is Trash

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But lets just take a moment to remember how broken shotguns were for a.

Fortnite is trash. As a gamer you have to know trends come and go. Ima get better at this then stunt on you guys sunglasses emoji here. This is the first place for it to be posted.

Some do stay forever but they get improved on. Oddly enough theres people who were hating that fps games was having too much time in the limelight. Im actually really enjoying season 7 and the working shotguns.

We can say the same thing about fps games for crying out loud. This is the original version not a fake reupload. Fortnite is trash lyrics.

The whole fortnite is trash statement is a bit contradictory from gamer fans. Man fuck fuck a duck yuh ayy okay yuh i got these bars aint nobody wanna mess with me someday ill be famous even if it dont get to be honestly.

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